Concatenating images to one PDF file in Linux

By Andreas Schickedanz Oct 4, 2013

A while back, I showed you how you can convert gif animations to mpq files using ImageMagick. And you can do even more with ImageMagic, like converting between various image formats, resizing an image or even drawing a new one.

However, last week I started to setup Arch Linux on my desktop and I faced some problems while trying to get the cups PDF printer up and running. Thus, I was not able to export my pen and paper character to a PDF file, which I could then send to my tablet in order to take it to the games evening with my friends that night. Fortunately, there exists this great tool, ImageMagic. It is not only able to convert from one image format to another using the convert command, but also to concatenate several images to one single PDF file. Therefore you just have to run the following command:

convert image1.jpg image2.jpg image3.jpg myImages.pdf

Thanks to this solution I was able to rely on the jpg export of the hero generator, that I use to manage my pen and paper characters.

Hope this will also help you some time.

Stay tuned and until next time, happy converting!

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